What is Smart90® for Accountants? 

Smart90® is a licensed offering for accountants to resell to their existing and future clients, which can then be used as a highly effective 90-day business planning tool. 
The Smart90® system helps accountants add value to their clients, by helping them to set goals, make plans, elevate relations and achieve scalable results. 
It allows accountants who want to move beyond simply doing the numbers for their clients to become strategic business advisors. 

How does it do this? 

It does this in 5 ways: 

1. Structured Planning & Execution 

Smart90® provides a structured 90-day planning session that encourages business owners to set specific goals, break down those goals into actionable steps, and focus on achieving them within a 90-day period. This structured approach facilitates deep thinking, decision-making and execution. 

2. Accountability & Tracking 

The Smart90® software allows clients to input their plan, track progress, and drive accountability. This keeps everyone on the team aligned with the business goals and holds them accountable for their part in achieving those goals. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses where the owner often feels burdened with the responsibility of moving the business forward. 

3. Business Rhythm 

Smart90® encourages businesses to establish a business rhythm, which involves regular meetings to track progress and make adjustments as needed. This iterative process ensures that the business stays on track, continues to execute on its plans and achieves its goals. 

4. InFlight Checks® 

InFlight Checks® provide a set of questions that clients can use to rate their own business. This self-assessment can guide business owners in identifying areas that need improvement or development beyond the management of accounts, all based on the book ‘The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System’ by Kevin Brent. 

5. Shared Vision 

By involving the entire team in the planning and execution process, Smart90® helps business owners share their vision and goals with their team. This promotes a sense of shared responsibility and encourages everyone to work towards achieving the business goals. 

Become a Strategic Guide to your clients 

The Smart90® product is fully scalable because, as you add more clients, you don’t add more time to your diary, but you do generate more revenue for the service. 
Built into Smart90® are all of the valuable resources of the Entrepreneurial Scale Up System. 

Become a Smart90® Champion in 4 easy steps 

1. Book a call & review your eligibility 

3. Start using Smart90® for your Practice 

2. Carry out your Smart90® Champion certification training 

4. Onboard your clients to Smart90® 

Inspiring accountants, transforming business. 

What’s included in the Smart90® for Accountants License? 

Smart90® Champion training: 

Learn the Smart90® system in-depth 
1 free Smart90® license for your accountancy practice 
9 hourly sessions covering the following: 
how to run the 90 day planning sessions 
how to use the software 
promoting to your clients 
onboarding your clients. 
learn by implementing in your practice 
A copy of The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System (ESUS) book 

Smart90® onboarding system: 

Comprehensive series of emails and videos that accountants will send to their clients to guide them seamlessly through the onboarding process 

Smart90® Software: 

White label for your brand (coming soon) 
Agency set up for managing clients and users 
Each Client setup has: 
SmartVision® tab 
Smart90® tab 
InFlight Checks® tab 
Scorecard tab 
TALi tab 
Business Rhythm tab 
Bucket List & Balance Wheel tab 
Help videos 
ESUS videos 
All software updates as they happen 

Smart90® 90-day workshops: 

White label workbook to send to clients 
White label PowerPoint slides to run the online event 
Zoom training available 

Smart90® for Accountants community: 

Access the wider accountants user group to ask questions 
Access to the Smart90® and BizSmart teams to ask questions 

Pricing – Smart90® For Accountants  

Smart90® Champion Training 

£1,800 + VAT per accountant. 

Client Licences 

£350 + VAT per month for first block of 10 (sign up to 1 year). 
Each licence allows up to 5 users per Client. 
Note: More licence blocks available beyond 10. Please ask for details. 

Client Testimonials 

“Before Smart90®, our strategic meetings with our clients had no real structure and ended up with too much focus on the numbers. Now, with a clear focus on the future, our clients will be more engaged and accountable. We will discuss what’s relevant, guiding them to take charge of their business trajectory rather than being mere spectators. Smart90® will transform our approach to planning and decision-making with our clients, making everything transparent and giving everyone within the clients’ business a clear sense of purpose.” 
James Howard 
Partner, Haines Watts, Bristol 
“With Smart90®, we will transform how we engage with our clients. Instead of our financial coaching focusing on the past, we’re building future focused business strategies with them. It’s given us the ability to drive meaningful, strategic conversations and ensure their team isn’t just active, but accountable. In an ever-evolving business landscape, Smart90® is the enabler – always pointing forward.” 
Georgia Asbury 
Client Manager Accountant, MBS Accountants, Gloucester 
"We can now see how Smart90 will be nothing short of revolutionary for us. We've shifted from just 'doing' business to 'evolving' it. Our own team is more engaged, our conversations are more strategic. Our clients will soon be seeing the tangible benefits of a forward-focused approach. It's not just another tool; it's a game-changer. We're not just witnessing growth; we're actively strategising and achieving it." 
Samantha Sinclair-Day 
Sinclair Day Accountancy Ltd, Worcester 

Why Smart90®? 

Step into a new era of business planning, where you actively shape and control your business narrative. 
With Smart90®, ensure every member aligns with your business vision, driving consistent results. 
Monitor progress and pivot strategies in real-time, promoting transparency and actionable insights. 
Future-proof your business by stepping beyond P&L reviews and strategies for the future with Smart90® planning. 
Ready for tangible results and unprecedented growth? Let Smart90® power your transformative journey, where vision meets strategy. 
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