Frequently Asked Questions about the Smart90® for Accountants licensed software solution 

Q: What is Smart90®? 

A: Smart90® is a comprehensive business advisory tool designed to empower accountants in driving growth conversations with their clients. It consists of 90-day planning events and software that promotes accountability and strategic planning. 

Q: How does Smart90® drive business growth conversations with clients? 

A: Smart90® provides a structured framework for accountants to facilitate growth-focused discussions with clients. Through the 90-day planning events, accountants can help clients set goals, develop strategies, and track progress, ultimately driving business growth. 

Q: What software is included in the Smart90® package? 

A: The Smart90® package includes software specifically designed to drive accountability. This software enables accountants and their clients to track progress, monitor key performance indicators, and stay on top of their strategic goals. The following features are also built in: 
The software provides alignment by cascading a visible business plan to all users. 
A business benchmarking tool to highlight areas for improvement. 
Agendas to provide structured regular meetings. 
A specific area to capture ideas and opportunities for business development. 
A Balance Wheel to focus on personal growth. 

Q: How can Smart90® add value to my clients and their businesses? 

A: Smart90® adds value to clients by empowering them with a strategic planning process and fostering accountability. It helps clients focus on their goals, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions to drive their businesses forward. 

Q: Can you explain the licensing model for Smart90®? 

A: Smart90® offers a licensing model that allows accountants to resell the tool to their clients. This not only enhances the accountant-client relationship but also creates an additional revenue stream for accountants. 

Q: How does Smart90® serve as a business advisory tool for accountants? 

A: The Smart90® approach to Business advisory empowers accountants through a framework, to facilitate significant, tangible enhancements in their clients' businesses by guiding them in implementing a structured 90-day planning rhythm. This rhythm fosters team alignment, engagement, individual accountability, and collective responsibility within the business. The Smart90 framework allows the accountant to have conversations with their clients beyond the financial results to focus on growth plans, actions to take, progress made and using the inbuilt business benchmarking tool to guide their clients in exploring where else to develop their business. The overall result is that their clients' businesses often achieve more progress in each 90-day period than most businesses typically achieve in an entire year. 

Q: What is the cost of Smart90® Champion training and what does it entail? 

A: The Smart90® Champion training program costs £1,800 + VAT. It includes comprehensive training over nine sessions, equipping accountants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement Smart90® with their clients. 

Q: How much does it cost for client licenses in the Smart90® program? 

A: The first 10 client licenses in the Smart90® program are priced at £350 per month + VAT. Additionally, the program offers one license free for the accounting practice, providing added value to accountants. Further licensing packages for 10 plus are available. 

Q: How can Smart90® help transform an accountant's approach to client services? 

A: Smart90® helps accountants shift from providing purely transactional services to offering strategic business advisory services. By utilizing the tools and methods provided by Smart90®, accountants can become proactive partners in their clients' success. 

Q: How does Smart90® align and focus the entire team within an accounting firm? 

A: Smart90® helps align and focus the entire team within an accounting firm by providing a structured framework for goal setting and progress tracking. It ensures that everyone is working towards common objectives, enhancing teamwork and driving results. 

Q: Is there a PowerPoint presentation available for Smart90® that I can use in my presentations? 

A: Yes, during the Champion training one of the sessions focusses on how you will promote Smart90® with your clients. 

Q: How can I access the workshop materials for Smart90®? 

A: Yes, during Champion training you will be provided with all PowerPoint and Word documents needed to run the system. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the Smart90® for Accountants Community and how I can join? 

A: The community is for accountants using Smart90® licensing to collaborate and support each other. Your invitation to join will commence after you have completed the Champion training. 

Q: How many sessions are included in the Champion training program? 

A: There are nine sessions in total. One session will focus on promoting Smart90® to accountants’ clients and one will focus on how accountants will onboard their clients. 

Q: What is the comprehensive client onboarding process with Smart90®? 

A: This is a series of emails and videos that accountants will send to their clients to guide them seamlessly through the onboarding process. 

Q: Are there any discounts available for the first 10 client licenses in the Smart90® program? 

A: No, however there are discounts available for any licenses purchased over and above the initial 10. 

Q: How much of my time will Smart90® consume? 

A: If your current practice is to meet with your clients on a quarterly basis, then Smart90® will require an additional 5 hours of your time per quarter. 

Q: What’s the difference between users and client licenses? 

A: Each client license allows for up to 5 users per business. Additional users are available to purchases for those businesses that require in excess of 5 users. 

Q: Can I own brand Smart90® for licensing for accountants? 

A: Yes, workshop materials are currently available for white labelling. Smart90® software white labelling will be available soon. 

Become A Strategic Guide To Your Clients 

The Smart90® product is fully scalable because, as you add more clients who wish to receive business advice, you don't add more time to your diary, but you do generate more revenue for the service. 
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